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The promotion of music for this production is fun and upbeat. The production is  not  new but some may not  have heard it before.  There will be new music on the IP or EP when it is complete. I am working on it currently. Thanks for your support.

This  piece is called SICK NOTE- actually is  lighthearted. I like to enjoy my beats and  see where they take  me.  So  listen and  check out  the feeling behind  SICKNOTE.  If you notice  it is  made with the logic Pro X.  Your full opinions are  appreciated.

Thanks!   – JYJWLZ :0


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What is the purpose of Life?

Why are we here?

Were we made by an Almighty God

or created through a “Big Bang” of  an atoms tear?

These are the questions that we may ask.

And where everyday we try to find the

answers through religion or

a science flask.

After our life on earth

is there really an afterlife?

Filled with all the answers and paradise?

Some say have faith and some say theres

nothing there.

You can look up into the sky 

and only stare.

The problem with people is

wanting to know the answers.

The answers…

Are they so far beyond our reach where it could

take decades to find one truth.

But, the only real way is at the end of our lives.

Maybe that is where our answers lie.


BY  j@Y j3WELZ 

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