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Now children,  settle down and quiet please.  In honor of Women’s Heart Health month,  let us discuss a Woman character in Pirates of the Caribbean—Elizabeth Swann—a young lady who has ALOT OF HEART….indeed!   Ms. Swann played by——— went from a docile quiet young lady daughter of the governor to being Pirate King in the third and final sequel( I hope not)!!!  How does one turn from a humble, gentle quiet lead by her arm woman in that time period to a near femminist?!!!  What happened to our dear young Ms. Swann to bring about such a drastic change in her personne?  She opens the movie by requesting her friend Will Turner, (when he was giving her father a new sword that would be presented to the commodore at a ceremony that day) “Will how many times have I told you to call me Elizabeth?”  Will Turner,  Orlando Bloom,  quite respectfull in front of Ms. Swann’s father stated,  again Ms. Swann.  Ms. Elizabeth did not care for decorum…she liked Will Turner and she did not care if her father was aware of it or not!  So,  begins the tiny twinkle in the eye of Ms. Swann….later to become the hard glint of stare as a Pirate Lord at the Brethern Court, and the  elected Pirate King by Jack Sparrow and the Brethern Court.  Such strength of heart displayed!   Truly if Ms. Elizabeth Swann were a real living breathing person, I would so want to meet her and ask her to be my mentor.  I am such a humble pie at times…truly I am dear Children,  truly I am.  –Well, now back to our review of our Elizabeth the Lion Hearted Pirate King! (((and notice…not Pirate Queen….Pirate King INDEED!!!!))) 

Dear Little ones…let me rest dears.  I will complete this blog on the Morrow!  Alright?  Good night!


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