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_MG_4698Jay Jewels, has been going to a great

program on Saturdays at the Redeemer
Lutheran Church in St. Albans Queens.
The Program is called From CardBoard to
Canvas. A beautiful lady named
MCKensie is the driving force behind this
program of the fine arts for the Children!
She offers her talents as an Artist and
has children ages 5 years old to 18 years
old doing art work. They do their original
pieces on carboard and then transfere the
piece to the canvas.
She uses only the best acrylic paints.
Jay Jewels is currently working on his
Barak Obama portrait.
It will be great to see the final project

The program has been incorporated, and
is seeking grants and assistance from the
commuinity to keep it going.
I feel that this is an excellent program to
benefit all children.
McKenzie has also guided the children into
making prints of their work. The children
have actually been selling their work.
One child did a portrait of Angolina Jolie
holding a small baby.
The colors are vibrant and alive. The baby
in Ms. Jolie’s arms looks frail, and delicate.
Yet resolve can be seen in the face of
Ms. Jolie.


Very interesting how a child’s perception
and eye can capture the the nuance of the
moment in a portrait.
I will be giving the information if you would
like to contact the Cardborad to Canvas
YOu will be glad you did!
They will be doing a art show at the
Queens Center Mall in the Spring!\
I will let you know the dates too!


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I use synthetic GUT…..I play with a Yonex
and then a HEAD tennis Racket.

I play for the NYJTL Tennis Tournament

I have played in several tournaments this
year and last year!

I want to try some new tennis racket strings.
The ones I use now are only$25.oo!
What do you use?

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