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Little face…no hair by Jay Jewels–Japanese Anime

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#3 Concept Drawing by Jay Jewels —Japanese Animae

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my museHAND BY JAY JEWELSanime-002.jpgAnimae by Jay Jewels 2008ANIAMAE DRAWINGS BY JAYJEWELS SON OF RIVER O’ LIFEJAY JEWELS IS A HUMBLE SORT OF YOUNG PERSON.  He does not lay praise of himself at his own feet.  So I,  Riveroflifelisajoy—must tell you. 

 I think the best of my dear son.  But I wonder what he will try to do with all of the talent he has.  Take for example some of the pictures that he is allowing me to post on his blog today.

  Tell him what you think.  He tells me that some of the kids in his school can draw even more interesting art work.

Send him yours, and tell him about various styles of drawing. 

Anime 001 by JAY jEWELSCheck out these pictures.  What do you think of Jay Jewels art work?

The Japanese Cartoons that the teenagers watch on cable have many pictures like these.  So Jay Jewels is trying his hand at drawing.

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Jay Jewels Art Seventh grade artWhat will you get genetics wise?

What will be the color of your eyes?

Blue or Brown which colors  more dominant?

Like the color of your eyes now that’s more prominant.

Or you can get genes that are recessive

And really are…less excessive

It’s the chromosomes that give you your traits.

But, first they’re all together like tiny crates.

They go through a process called meiosis.

This could be furocious!

Homozygous alleles are the same

Heterozgous you’ll see you’ll get a change.

We come out in  our own way.

And then we meet each other every single day.

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