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IMG_0536UP BEAT…MOVIN BEATZ.  The economy is going for a all time  low.  Everyone is blaming  Potus Obama for the loss of the money because he  was trying to jumpstart the economy by “spending money”.

Oddly enough because there was such backlash in the congress against Obama it seems as though the troubles that the republican party  is based on their dysfunctional behavior for the past 8 years.

So I think we need  a doctor for the GOP…so maybe a music doctor, Rhythm Doctor.  I am blending the issues because  music  eases  the sick,  and tired babies.

I think right now during this  highly  tense  presidential race we need some  music, something to improve the views and attitudes of the society right now. So take a listen to JYJWLZ music.  JYJWLZ  placed  drums and brass together and created a snappy inspired jazz feel to his  Rhythm Doctor. Check it out and enjoy. Comment and share.


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