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subjects she was a great teacher.  When she taught it was really easy!  She put excitement into the lesson.  Science was her strong point,.  That was the class she first taught us until we went through the year.  The she began to teach english  and science.  We had lots of fun learning new things.

The other thing that was great was that she was a dance teacher too!  So when there was a time fro a school performance, concert, or something we would sing certain songs. My classmates and we would learn certain songs Mrs.  Johnson taught us.  In all of these shows she made sure we looked good as a graduating class of 2007!  She did a alot of work on our graduation ceremony!  She let our class express our feelings.  We presented Mrs. Johnson with a fruit bouquet!  I will always remember her! 

I will always remember Grace Lutheran Church and School of Queens Village.  I went there since kindergarten!  What a great place!

 Later My Dudes! 


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