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Getting it back to the old days of  Loop music. Once Again JYJWLZ gives his listeners something to think about and ponder. The  football game is never over when you are working on your “grind”  and goals. Take a listen….


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my museHAND BY JAY JEWELSanime-002.jpgAnimae by Jay Jewels 2008ANIAMAE DRAWINGS BY JAYJEWELS SON OF RIVER O’ LIFEJAY JEWELS IS A HUMBLE SORT OF YOUNG PERSON.  He does not lay praise of himself at his own feet.  So I,  Riveroflifelisajoy—must tell you. 

 I think the best of my dear son.  But I wonder what he will try to do with all of the talent he has.  Take for example some of the pictures that he is allowing me to post on his blog today.

  Tell him what you think.  He tells me that some of the kids in his school can draw even more interesting art work.

Send him yours, and tell him about various styles of drawing. 

Anime 001 by JAY jEWELSCheck out these pictures.  What do you think of Jay Jewels art work?

The Japanese Cartoons that the teenagers watch on cable have many pictures like these.  So Jay Jewels is trying his hand at drawing.

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Jay Jewels Art Seventh grade artWhat will you get genetics wise?

What will be the color of your eyes?

Blue or Brown which colors  more dominant?

Like the color of your eyes now that’s more prominant.

Or you can get genes that are recessive

And really are…less excessive

It’s the chromosomes that give you your traits.

But, first they’re all together like tiny crates.

They go through a process called meiosis.

This could be furocious!

Homozygous alleles are the same

Heterozgous you’ll see you’ll get a change.

We come out in  our own way.

And then we meet each other every single day.

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What is the purpose of Life?

Why are we here?

Were we made by an Almighty God

or created through a “Big Bang” of  an atoms tear?

These are the questions that we may ask.

And where everyday we try to find the

answers through religion or

a science flask.

After our life on earth

is there really an afterlife?

Filled with all the answers and paradise?

Some say have faith and some say theres

nothing there.

You can look up into the sky 

and only stare.

The problem with people is

wanting to know the answers.

The answers…

Are they so far beyond our reach where it could

take decades to find one truth.

But, the only real way is at the end of our lives.

Maybe that is where our answers lie.


BY  j@Y j3WELZ 

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subjects she was a great teacher.  When she taught it was really easy!  She put excitement into the lesson.  Science was her strong point,.  That was the class she first taught us until we went through the year.  The she began to teach english  and science.  We had lots of fun learning new things.

The other thing that was great was that she was a dance teacher too!  So when there was a time fro a school performance, concert, or something we would sing certain songs. My classmates and we would learn certain songs Mrs.  Johnson taught us.  In all of these shows she made sure we looked good as a graduating class of 2007!  She did a alot of work on our graduation ceremony!  She let our class express our feelings.  We presented Mrs. Johnson with a fruit bouquet!  I will always remember her! 

I will always remember Grace Lutheran Church and School of Queens Village.  I went there since kindergarten!  What a great place!

 Later My Dudes! 

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Jay Jewels Hand

What’s up!   Yes, we will again venture into the great adventure of the Pirates of the Caribbean.  But this time we will discuss the strange place called DAVY JONES LOC-CKER as it was called by Tia- Dalma a.k.a. Calypso the Goddess of the Seas!  

 We last saw our “dear”  Jack Sparrow as he stood face to  the teeth and mouth of Davey Jones Kracken, in “Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest.”  Jack Sparrow stood with one arm up with sword in hand and said, “Hello, Beastie!” AT that the Kracken enfolded Jack and the ship the “Black Pearl” and took him and the ship to Davey Jone’s Locker.

  Although the 3rd and final movie (I wish not) opens with the resurrected Captain Barbossa and Elizabeth attempting to enlist the pirate lord of Sinapore,  Jack is totally unaware of the plot to save him from his prison and “punishment”–as it was called by Tia- Dalma.

Jack is in his personal hell living with himself—literally!  It is strange when the movie takes this turn from real time…to no time….to see Jack talking to multiples of himself!   I  did not like this part at first when I was in the movie theatre.  It just did not seem to fit the type of movie that I have gotten accustomed to.

It was stretching from the simple Disney story with magic…into something else.  Seeing Jack  Sparrow trying to ingest a peanut….or I should say half of a peanut…was a little weird.  Because  the scene opens up with  Jack’s nose only sniffing….what a way to open up a scene from  a movie! 

 It was strange!  Jack finds the peanut and gets shot trying to put it inside his mouth which was gaped open.  He falls to the ship deck and lets out a tiny voice a plea for “help!”  Suddenly another Jack is chirping like a chicken. 

 Then another Jack runs forward and has buckets of water to clean the ship, I would suppose.  It was all very confusing when I first saw that scene.  I have grown to love it though.   Jack a.k.a. Johnny Depp,  was showing his various tattoos and was being humble to  himself regarding the problems on the ship. 

 However, it twists to where Johnny, or Jack I should say, stabs himself  because he is fed up with the problems on board his ship while he is in prisoned there in Davy Jones Locker.  It turns from slightly humorous to lead heavy when Jack Sparrow stabs his other self and says, “That’s what got us into this mess.” 

 At first it would seem that Jack was unaware of the chaos that he is living in—i.e. having multiple selves,  staring at a goat ..for unknown reasons etc.—But at that point…the adults watching would have realized that Jack was fully aware of his problem and in his own limited way…trying to work out a solution. 

Finally he repremands his multiple selves and jumps ship to walk around on the hard  bright white ground of Davy Jones Locker.  He sees what appears to be a rock and has several interactions with it.  He throws it, and licks it. He tosses it again. 

He then attempts to pull the ship away from the Locker.  While he is involved in this problem,  Tia-Dalma’s little “babies”—the rock crabs…are there such things?  Anyway,  they start to organize themselves and begin to move the ship.  Jack was laying on the ground exhausted from his activities. 

 Suddenly the blinding sun of the Locker was blocked by the shadow of the  Black Pearl and Jack opens his eyes to see the ship rolling away from him.  He stands with a look of shock, and awe.  He then runs after the ship and the crabs. 

 What I loved about this scene is how the music plays with the action to the point of it looking like a crazy type of dance that our “dear” Jack ((with his wobbly walk /run)) did in effort to catch up to The Black Pearl.  The commentary and  directors discussion explained that the music was taken from oriental instrument, and a electric saw instrument. 

 It was great….although strange.  It took you into another realm altogether!  And the best part was how Jack Sparrow a.k.a Johnny Depp handled his problem.

  He was frustrated and bewildered! When he finally comes upon the motley crew,  (who just pulled themselves from the ocean after the loss of the Chinese loaned vessel that had just capized over the largest  waterfall I had ever seen in a movie),  of Will Turner,  Elizabeth,  Captain Barbossa,  and the crew from Singapore,  and Tia- Dalma; Jack thinks it is all a dream.

  They have to convince him that he is really being saved.  However, since Jack has the boat and they do not—he realizes that he has the upper hand—or so he thinks until his compass does not work in the Locker!  He then has to submitt to Captain Barbossa who has the great map that takes “you” to fantastic places and can get them out of the locker as well!

  Finally they all make off in the Black Pearl  and begin the next journey out of the locker.  I enjoyed this part of the movie, because Jack tells the group that “Four of you tried to kill me,  one of you  succeeded!”  Elizabeth looked quite guilty and Will Turner looked shocked!  That issue was addressed later on of course. 

 They  had come to get Jack…but the truth of how he actually ended up in the locker came out!  I loved that part too.  Jack was not about to let the smiles  fool him.  He also realized that they needed him as him being a pirate lord to help solve the  problems with Lord Cutler Becket. 

It was funny and enjoyable to watch the actors and their various characters interact.  There was no need for special affects at that point.    We   quite enjoyed it!

Next time a summary on the animals in the Pirates of the Caribbean!

See ya!

Jay Jewels and his MOm Riveroflifelisajoy!

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The FunkMasterflex Hit factory makes me feel like I want to become a music producer!   It is a teaching tool towards that area of expertise.

 It gives you actual steps that could be used in real life to produce a song.  When that is finished you’ll feel proud of your work.  In the music setting screen there are different generes of music that you can pick to make a style of music you want. 

 For instance,  If you chose “Trance” there are different small sample tracks giving a small  excerpt of an instrument. 

 You could organize the different sample tracks in various ways to give certain sounds.

  You could even make up your own sample track without any of the provided sounds.  I used Hip Hop Metal, Techno,  Garage and some others. 

 I recommend this game to anyone who loves music.

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