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Watching the race for president of the United States  from my arm chair is hard to do.  I watch MSNBC,  FOX5, HANNITY etc. and I get frustrated.  I was exhausted watching the attitude of people in the media and how they are portraying the views of the Front Runners for POTUS.  Especially Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz seems to be interested in just pushing his agenda. It was said that  most of the GOP do not  like the best bone in Ted Cruz. But the GOP top power brokers are willing to accept Ted Cruz against Donald Trump.

It seems very silly to waste time  with Ted Cruz, however the GOP is vetting handsome Paul Ryan behind the Red Curtin preparing him to take the reins from Cruz and be the Nominee at the convention in June. This is not  the choice of the people  but the choice of the Red Republican party.  How is dirty pool and politics being  played behind the scenes “GOOD BUSINESS OR GOOD DEMOCRACY”.  Even if I were voting Republican I would only want to vote for Donald Trump Katich or Cruz.  But instead the GOP is  deciding  for the American People.

But  what is  he actually trying to do? It was wrong that  Ted Cruz Super Pack put Donald Trumps wife on a Anti-Trump advertisement.  But some how the only thing that was discussed was Donald Trump Counter-punch to Ted Cruz.  Even it was so disgusting to me that both Front Runners would attack each other.

Then Bernie Sanders was  Goaded into talking negativity about Hillary Clinton and whether she is qualified to be POTUS.  I said,  What?  Why is  Bernie questioning Hillary and her ability?  It was weird that the negative spirit that had  plagued Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is now on the Democratic side of this race.  It is so odd that  this work is getting hard to win the race for president.

Donald Trump just  lost the Colorado Convention and  Ted Cruz just built up his  delegate gains. It is  about  hunting  delegates.  Kasich  says he  is the only one that can beat Cruz.  But  Cruz is blocking the full Nomination of Cruz  and Trump.  Kasich is affecting the POTUS race by  staying in without  winning. The battle is on. However this is based on the values of  “following the rules”.  But  who makes these rules?

Bernie Sanders is  talking and pushing his agenda about Fracking and what he will not  do,  and won’t do.

I see that on MSNBC Ted  Cruz has  dropped early into California.  Ted Cruz  is  at  rallies  getting ready to take  172 DELEGATES from Donald Trump.  How come I know about  this and Donald Trump has  not  run to California?  Does  Trump  really want to win this race?  I do not understand…it seems to be very strange to me. This is happening in REAL TIME>..as I am writing this Ted Cruz is  grabbing delegates in California.  Donald Trump should get into his private  jet and get down to California before Ted Cruz steals the 172 Delegates.  Trump is not  happy but  get up and go get to California and get  working.

MSNBC showing that Trump is not  going to get the nomination because Ted Cruz is working overtime.  Ted  Cruz has a working POTUS MACHINE.  TED CRUZ is true to form …he is  doing  a live philabustec across the country.  Donald Trump is good making  deals  but  not  good and goading  and  getting  delegates like the Cruz Campaign.

So exhausting…wow!

Till next blog.

Enjoy the feel of the  hard and furious spirit of the POTUS RACE…listen to VELISARAPTOR by Bebetin Horowitz…May the hardest campaign win.


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This weekend  sit and try to connect with family and friends.  Then do “Whatever you want,” and  listen to JYJWLZ  uplift of JAZZ-MA-TAZZ!

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This weekend is going to have an R&B moment given an up lift by JYJWLZ, sit back relax and enjoy.

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Slip N2 Rem gives a light bounce. Take a listen,  for those who have heard it  for the first time or those who are compelled to comment.  Please enjoy and take the fun rift of the music production and see what it sounds like and detail it.

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Well,  yes for those of  you looking for my new beats, I will get them out there soon.  This  is  just  an  effort to get others  who have not  heard this beat to hear it.  Sometimes I made my beats on the launch pad or  machine.  But  I usually use  Logic.  Launch pad with abelton  program  or the machine and logic.

Take a listen…this  is a story being  told about a young  kid.

I welcome all of  your thoughts and criticisms.




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COME ONE COME ALL TO THE GREATEST BEAT ON EARTH!  Its bout you…so take it for fun and then enjoy…

Made this beat on the spur of the moment on Logic Pro X.  Things seem jazzy then spiral out of control like a circus.  Critical comments accepted   Thanks  again guys!  :0




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Getting  started

As I get older  I realize that it is  important to focus on goals and work toward them.  It does not matter how  far you have  gotten in life..but  that  you attempt and you try. Some people  think that  the amount of money that you have  makes a difference. Money is  good for bills,  fund raising,  families,  and  self needs. Goals concepts and ideas can develop into projects that will help and benefit others.

If you want to  start a reading group that focuses on  children or adults then you will enrich many lives.  So just think how you can enrich the lives of others around you. People in your community will be happy when you share your talents and gifts with them.  Things will be  so exciting in your life because of the joy you may bring to others.

To begin, start by brain storming and getting your ideas down on paper.  Then plan out what resources you need to accomplish your goals.   Try to have a time  table prepared to get an idea of what you need to do first.  Now proceed to take action and employ the help of family or  friend as you need it.

Reply and let me know the results….

And to inspire you take this link and enjoy.

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