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As she looks into the sun the wind blows past her face and her hair follows,I watch as she sits on the beach near the open shallows,I wonder if she notices my silent stare,

maybe she does n hopes 4 me to b there.

We have been apart so long where are hearts cannot meet.

When we are together our body temperatures rise, so in winter we need no heat.

Our love is strong to the end.

Its not elastic so it doesn’t bend.

May that feeling of love reach my heart ever again,

Then know I have truly found a long lost friend.


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    The Soul Stealer, a very innocent looking being maybe scary. It only comes out at night. It lures its victims in with sweet words and trickery. Then it waits until the opportune moment and then makes it move on its prey. It devours the flesh of its prey and inhales its soul.


    Legend has it that he was once a young boy when infected. He lost his ball in the old graveyard south of his family’s house. He entered the graveyard and was pulled further in by the dead. Moonlight lit the ground and beings from the underworld came to life and captured the boy and were going to devour his flesh. His father came out with his shot gun and shot one of the beings and the blood of the dead entered the boy’s body. His skin turned pail and his eyes lost their sparkly blue color. His nails grew long and black. The boy became wild and an aura of evil enshrouded his body. He took a long glance into his father’s eyes and ran into the darkness.


    Years passed and that young boy stole the souls of the clean and the filthy. Some say he has a mansion that attracts the blood thirsty crows.


    to be continued…….




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