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BARNEY FLANDERS aka BERNIE SANDERS–MUSICAL BEAT in honor of the Presidential Race and the recent Iowa Caucus.  ThIS is apply named Barney Flanders…also known as  Bernie Sanders.

As a Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders strikes me  as the old story called the “Tortise and the Hare.”

It is  not a political statement..but in light of the fact Bernie Sanders won half of the delegates in the Iowa Caucus..it is the near win and the possible next win in New Hampshire that inspires me  to CATCH SOME FEELINGS about Mr. Bernie Sanders.

Look,  the gentleman has no problem  helping  college students to afford to attend  school.  That  works for me.

Lets  get back to the music ….check out  BARNEY FLANDERS…tell me your  feelings…did I get you to FEEL SOME TYPE OF WAY?!  Check out the beat and let me know..tell me the truth…do you want  more drums,  less melody,  hard drop ….I like to experiment with my sounds.  Thanks!..  and until next new beat….JYJWLZ. :0




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Question:  to Jay Jewels…from River

Answer:  It is a step up.

Question:   What will his being President do for your future as a black 15 year old tennis player?

Answer:   He is a very successful black man.  He will open more doors and make people feel that they will be able to do something with their lives.

Question:  What about you personally….where do you want to take your education?

Answer:   Law and Business—no really,  I might check out some music,  genetics.

Question:   Should Barak Obama give every black person extra money because they are black?

Answer:   NO!  YOu have got to work for it.  Everybody else has to work!

Question:   What do you want to see in 6 months after Barack Obama president?

Answer:   Better ECONOMY!

Question:  What do you think about the War?

Answer:   I want the war to be over.

Question:  So President Obama is a Cool President?

Answer:  Ah,  yeah.

River of life….So there you have it….the teenagers have spoken!


The year is now 2016 and  the presidential race is on fast  and  tough. The people involved have been fighting  tooth and nail to get to the  top of the United States of America. Donald Trump,  Hillary Clinton,  Bernie  Sanders,  Mr. Kasich,  and  Ted Cruz are  running difficult races against one another.

 Poor Mr. Kasich  who is the most  qualified because of his  being  a Governor who has  balanced  budgets and  run payroll for his  state has been under fire from Ted Cruz and  Donald Trump.  

They want  Mr. Kasich to get out of the race. However,  Mr.  Katich ate his  way though the Bronx last week.  He enjoyed Italian and Spanish food.  He was not  booed like  Ted  Cruz and he was not  even protested like  Trump or  Clinton so what is  going  on with the Republican Party?

Why are they pushing  Ted Cruz so that he will be  the GOP NOMINEE.  It has  been stated by several news reporters and  Washington D.C. experts that  Ted  Cruz is  being  used as a Puppet.  Although  Donald Trump called Ted Cruz a Trojan  Horse for the GOP to make  him loose his  bid for the Nomination. While  pushing  Donald Trump out of the nomination it will then leave the space available for Paul Ryan,  the Speaker of the House who claims  to “NOT BE INTERESTED” in  the soon to be vacant POTUS.  So is the concept of the Delegate  game of  the GOP so very hard to believe?   Paul Ryan is  the  FAVORED SON and  Ted Cruz  is  a neccesary evil that the GOP does not like for reasons related to his  general conduct and past history with some of his cohorts.

So why is this  happening  for the position of  POTUS?  Did the race for  POTUS get as  dicy as  this  when Obama ran for office?  Something does not bode well.  The concerns of Americans and the World is  that we get the best  PERSON for the job.  I am watching  CNN,  MSNBC,  FOX NEWS,  MORNING JOE IN THE MORNING, HANNITY,  ETC, ETC.,  and  it  is  beyond logic that the press is  seeming to pressure people who seem to want to make a difference by telling them to get out of the race.

Mr. Kasich has been ignored and pushed to the side.  Mr.  Katich has the years and knowledge to handle the job. However  the GOP seems unwatered  and un wavered to place either Ted Cruz into this  POTUS  or  Paul Ryan the  David of this  chaos.

Back in 2009 JYJWLZ was 15 years old. But now JYJWLZ is soon to graduate from College. What has the world become under the POTUS?  Is it  the fault of  President Obama that the powerful GOP refuses to cooperate with the President on many issues. The display of the GOP majority in Congress against many of the issues that  the President has attempted to put in place for the United States  citizens  has  been deplorable.

I am GOPSMACKED  to see over the past eight years  how  reporters and commentators have been basically protesting how the president has had to battle and keep a strength to push forward Obama Care. It is not  given the respect of the effort made despite imperfections. It is so sad for the President, yet  empowering.

Now  President Obama has been working fully as the POTUS. However he has  a Congress who will not  confirm his pick for the Supreme Court based on the fact that  he will be retired from the Presidency in November. However,   why  is  the congress against  the President doing his JOB while  he is  still holding  office. Obviously  it is  difficult for people to  accept certain rules,  but  why are they arguing  the fact that President Obama is  still able to work until November.  Should he  now  go home  to Hawaii?  If not  what type of work  is he allowed to do according to Congress?

Oh, well, many things have changed in the past eight years.  Only Time  will tell about the  future of the POTUS ELECTIONS.  Bottom Line…. I believe in Prayer …complete prayer every single  day….pray for peace,  pray for the POTUS  present and the POTUS to be elected.




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